I’ve secretly wanted a Mermaid pillow for a long time (for me!), ever since I saw one at a friend’s house. And I’m going to tell you guys right now – this is one of those reviews that won’t do the product justice, because you can only understand how totally awesome these pillows are by feeling them.

The back side of every Mermaid pillow has reversible sequins on the back. What’s so special about that, you ask? OMG. They are addicting. There is something so cathartic about sitting with your Mermaid pillow and moving the sequins back and forth. It’s like those YouTube videos of people power washing dirt off – what can I say, it can’t be explained but it’s just a completely *satisfying* experience.


So besides the fact that they are fun to play with – they come in pretty designs and colors. I actually loved the sample I received so much from them that I ended up buying three more! (They have buy 2, get one free on the website) Each of my boys got one, and I got another one for me! We all love them so much. I sit and play with it while I’m reading, and I notice my teen does the same.

Because they can say it better than I can, this is from the Mermaid Pillow website: Our Mermaid Positivity Pillows inspire kids to be confident, creative, and comfortable with who they are – encouraging them to be focused, and calm, without the stimulation of electronics, but the stimulation of their own minds.
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And this is new – I just noticed on the website that they have an Alex’s Lemonade Stand pillow. Not only is it gorgeous but $5 of every pillow purchase is donated back to Alex’s Lemonade Stand.

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