mayapapaya.jpgBoth my kids were blessed with messy hair. I have to spray Zach’s everyday with water to comb it and Mia always needs a hair clip or her hair falls straight down in front of her face, covering her eyes. As such, I am always on the lookout for cute hairclips. Maya Papaya hair clips fit the bill for quality and uniqueness.
Maya Papaya’s clips are high quality, made from 100% wool felt and are hand sewn – using no glue. I love their whimsical and unique designs that add the right amount of playfulness to Mia’s hair and outfits. The high quality felt and fabric used is apparent in look, feel and durability. They don’t pill and they are so soft. Maya Papaya’s fanciful designs cover everything from food, to flowers, to holiday to patriotic and more. Any clip can also be made into ponytail holders. Another plus is that they stay put! Mia is constantly pulling out her hair clips and handing them to me with big smiles. And I am left struggling with a squirmy baby to put it back in. It’s nice that she can not pull these out so easily.
Try them out, Maya Papaya is currently offering MWS readers a 10% rebate. Just mention MWS and you will be refunded 10% through PayPal.

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