From the jacket cover, “Sure you love your kids, but your pre-Mom self – the one who wore sexy underwear and took vacations that did not include Happy Meals – had its perks too.  This book is for anyone who relishes her role as Mom but longs for a few minutes with nowhere to be and no diapers to change.”

The book is: If you give a Mom a Martini: 100 Ways to Find 10 Blissful Minutes to Yourself. Check it out – it’s a quick read (the authors appreciate a time-constrained Mom) but full of some fun, quick relaxation tips.

It’s a great gift for any Mom.  Plus, any book that includes the word Mom and Martini within the same sentence is alright in my book.


  1. I so agree every mum needs at least half an hour of me time every day, so no kids and no dad, just me and a good book or a good movie.

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