It’s been 15 years since I graduated college.  Like everything monumental on one’s past:  I remember moments from college like it was just yesterday and other parts feel like a lifetime ago.

I had an amazing college experience. What can I say other than the fact that I still miss it at times.

This past weekend was my 15-year-reunion.  The 5-year reunion was a no brainer – I went, I partied like college and had a blast. Most of my friends returned.  For the 10-year, a bunch of friends came, I was pregnant with #2 and still had a good  (although much mellower) time.

None of my close friends were attending the 15-year for a variety of reasons – babies, travel, moving, too far for just a 15-year, etc.  But my fabulous 92-year-old grandmother lives about twenty minutes outside of school so we picked the weekend mostly because it would mean a visit to her.  The boys don’t get to see her often and I figured we could visit her and then head over to reunion afterwords.

The campus has changed so much.  The main staples (the chapel that you see in the photo) are timeless and remain unchanging on campus.  But there were buildings I didn’t recognize; funky furniture in the cafeteria and a friggin’ coffee house in the library! (Where was that when I was there?)

I can roll with the punches when it comes to those changes, but none of my besties from school were there and what can I say – college reunions are about your friends, the laughs, the shared memories.  I felt out of sorts.

The highlight of the visit to campus was having lunch with my good friend Melissa, who stopped by briefly with her husband and brand new baby.

In the end, hubby and I took the kids and headed home early.  I’m glad I had a chance to show the boys the campus but it was a bit sad and lonely without my girls and other friends.  Telling my hubby how amazing it is that they have marble flooring in the bathrooms in Jarvis just doesn’t have the same punch it would with one of my fellow alums and friends.

I’m going sans kids and hoping a big group will show for the 20th!  And in the meantime, to all the current students at Trinity College – you guys don’t know how good you have it!  There was no Wifi and no Starbucks when I went there! Or Peter B’s Espresso Cafe!  (And I walked to class barefoot.  In the snow!  And clearly rode my horse and buggy home in the summer since this post makes me sound older than dirt!)

2006: Nate and I at my 10 year Reunion (me 20-some weeks pregnant)

2011: Same spot, 5 years later

Cole and I hang with the Bantam, Trinity's mascot

The totally funky cafeteria - way more upscale than when I attended!

with Melissa, one of my closest friends from college


  1. Mom/MomMom says

    You got that oh so right- change is indeed constant. Big sigh. But we go with the flow- what’s the alternative?
    and, as we merrily go along ,we make new memories too, at the same time appreicating the old ones.
    Wonderful past and present pics! thanks for sharing you oh so very old person, you. :o)

  2. Great post. I know very much how you feel. And I’m sorry I wasn’t there with you this past weekend even though I wasn’t there with you when we were there! Funny how reunions slam us together in 5 year increments with people from a different “era”. You are sandwiched between my sister and I, but didn’t attend with either of us. But, we are all Bantams. The other sad part is the people who you don’t keep in touch with but would really like to see–and they don’t come either. It is what it is, a snapshot in time. I very much agree I sailed to the 5th and 10th like nothing. I’m glad you had some fun and most of all got to see your grandmother!

  3. I went back for my 5 year. It was so weird, I’ve never returned. Paul’s 20 year is this fall and he is determined to go. Okay, I’ll go. Not sure I’ll go to my 20th tho. WEIRD. 🙂

  4. Elizabeth – what year was your sister? Mine was ’02 so I didn’t overlap at all with her either. I agree – it’s also about seeing those people I don’t keep in touch with but would love to say hello to. Reunions only help so much with that though – there are tons of friends I had from the class above and below me who I’m sure I’ll never see again. Ah well – as you said, a snapshot in time…

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