Last month, I treated myself to the new iPhone 4.  I had been using a 3G and it had really been having some performance issues lately.  After repeatedly updating the software and deleting unused programs to no avail, I figured it was time to upgrade.

I’m in heaven with my new iPhone 4.  But I walked out of the store and was holding the phone with kid gloves.  I didn’t like any of the cases they had in-store and I knew what I wanted.  I wanted a new Mophie Juice Pack.  I had one for my old iPhone and knowing that I use my phone A LOT, I knew I’d need an extra battary pack on the go.

The Mophie is both a phone case and extra battery.  It’s not cheap but for me, there’s no option.  I attend a lot of blogging events and it’s a necessity for me to have that extra battery power when I’m out and about.  I charge the Mophie up before I leave the house and turn it off.  When my iPhone’s getting low on battery, I flip the Mophie switch and it charges my phone.  I get hours more of use out of my phone with my Mophie.  Can you tell I love it?

Here’s another great thing about it – it’s a hard shell.  My kids are always swiping my phone from me to play a game or watch a show.  I’m also not gentle with my phone – I tend to toss it into my purse on the go very carelessly.  I need something that will protect it.  Hence, the Mophie which serves a double purpose – battery life and phone protection.

You can get the Mophie Juice Pack for the iPhone 4 on Amazon for $69.99 with free shipping.  They have it for other iPhones too though so do a search to find the right model for you.  A must have.  Truly.


  1. Thank you for your post. I received my juice about 3 hours ago and love it. I am constantly on my phone and was totally fed up with by early afternoon being careful or have to carry around the cable to charge my phone. I now look forward to all day reliance of my phone. Well done Morphie another excited iPhone lover!

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