navy_mobyD.jpg Sometime last spring, I started seeing so many moms here in the LA area wearing their babies in a carrier that wasn’t a mei tei, wasn’t a sling, and was about as far from a Bjorn as your tshirt is from your anorak. At first I was not sure if I was seeing one ingenious product or a half dozen, because I saw it used with infants, and with toddlers. I saw it with twins. I saw babies being worn with it on people’s chests, their hips and their backs. I saw kids facing in and kids facing out. I realized I had to find out more!
Turns out that what I was seeing was indeed one carrier, and the simplest and comfiest I have tested to date. It is a MobyWrap and mom after mom that I spoke to, filled me in on why this carrier was just a complete lifesaver for them. After trying it myself I can confirm that the rumors are true.
* It’s easy to use! Even though the long wrap seemed daunting at first on paper, it has a quick learning curve on the body. Just be cautious if putting it on in a parking lot not to let the ends drag on the ground.
* Unparallled comfort. The Moby truly spreads out the weight across your entire body, in the same way a shirt would, so there is no cutting or pinching. For both you and baby. There are more choices for positioning your infant as well.
* Versatility. Not many wraps truly work as well with a newborn as they do with a toddler on your hip. I tested with a neighbor’s infant and was very comfy. And I also wore mine with my 35lb, tall 2yo son. He was in no hurry to get out. He usually detests carriers. Their color/fabric selection is amazing too.
* Happy, less sweaty, baby and mommy. The knit cotton fabric is more breathable than other fabrics. Stretchy is shape conforming. Stretchy = Comfy!
*Fashionable. I have been to more than one Hollywood event where I witnessed incredbily chic mommies, wearing their wrap with a simple colormatched tee and jeans and they looked so glam. Like their baby carrier was a fashion accessory, not just a parenting necessity. It’s the pashmina of papooses!
Mommies with Style, mention this article when you order your Moby Wrap and get a free handknit 100% cotton hat to keep your baby warm and cute this winter. Please specify the age and gender of your child in the comments section at checkout.


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