TinyTags.jpgJust in time for Mother’s Day comes ChristJ’s new and hip Tiny Tag Necklace! Each custom necklace comes with one pure silver Tiny Tag that is handmade for a custom, organic look. The Tiny Tag is approximately ½” long by ¼” wide, can accommodate up to seven letters and comes on a 16” sterling silver ball chain. Additional Tiny Tags are available and can be added to your necklace at anytime! This is perfect for those mommies who are expecting or who would just like to add a saying at another time. When you wear multiple tags together, they overlap each other on the chain or you can add sterling silver bead spacers between each tag to separate them more for an additional charge. These one-of-a-kind necklaces will be created after your order and Christi, who is a pleasure to work with, will contact you to discuss your piece. Since the necklace is hand-made it usually takes 2-3 weeks for you to receive it. However, if you order by April 27th, you will have it in time for Mother’s Day.
These necklaces make not only great gifts for yourself, but for your mothers, grandmothers and moms-to-be alike! Years ago I searched for a piece of jewelry for my Mom in honor of a special birthday. I wanted to find something unique that would display all of her grandchildren’s names and their birthdates and had a hard time finding what I was envisioning. The Tiny Tag Necklace would have been perfect for my Mom so she could wear all seven of her grandchildren’s names close to her heart!
I’m in love with the necklace that was just created for me! It has an “I Love” tag, a tag with my husband’s name, one with our daughter’s name and I am planning on adding our son’s name when he arrives next month! I have received numerous compliments on the necklace with everyone commenting on how cool and different it was. You could also put birthdates of each family member, an anniversary date, pet names (I’m not sure my husband would love that one!) or create or choose a saying that is suggested such as “Trophy Wife” (my husband better agree with that one!) The great thing about the Tiny Tag Necklace is that you can just keep adding tags! However you customize your Tiny Tags, you’ll love wearing and cherishing them in style forever!
Use coupon code “MWS” to save 15% off your order plus shipping is free. I know it’s a little early but Happy Mother’s Day Mommies!

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