Although I don’t have a girl, even I can appreciate the coolness of this game for the Nintendo DS for a girl.  Last month I had a lunch with a rep from Ubisoft, the developers of Style Lab’s Jewelry Design.  I was particularly impressed with this game and instantly envisioned my 13-year-old niece playing with it.

The game itself is pretty self-explanatory:  kids can design their own jewelry on this game.  But the unique piece to this game which I think is so neat is that they can then upload their designs to the Ubisoft site and then, via a partner jewelry company, order the pieces they’ve designed.  Each piece is very affordable (think $20 for the more expensive necklaces).  Visit the Jewelry Design site to read more about it and if you have a tween girl to buy for this season, check this one out!

Many thanks to Ubisoft for generously providing samples of several games, including this one, and a Nintendo DSi to test it out on.


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