When all the kids on the block and your husband volunteer to be a part of your video review, you know are onto a product that is really something. All the kids and kids-at-heart on our block have experienced racing heartbeats and sweaty palms and all the signs of being madly in love with the Pulse Kick and Go scooter. On our “test day” there was a line ten kids long to try it out. Not a day has gone by since it arrived when it has not had a tour of the block. It’s easy to use – I even mastered it in about thirty seconds.
In many ways the Pulse Kick and Go resembles the motorized scooters that several pre teens and teenagers in my area have been whizzing around on. But it’s missing the motor part and I couldn’t miss that less. I’m so much happier to see my kids go on their own energy, getting up to and maintaining speed on 100% kid power. The high tech design saves them from pushing pavement and gives them the action feel and speed of a motorized scooter (sans fumes). Given the current price of gas, I wish I had a crank like that in my car.
The Pulse Kick and Go conveniently folds down for storage and travel. It’s great to bring on a roadtrip and easy to take along to a playdate at a friend’s house or to the park. I could not find age recommendations on the site but it was easily and enthusiastically ridden by coordinated kids age 6 and up on our block. My husband had a blast with it too. He might even fall for it if I tell him it was his Father’s Day Present. Check the Pulse Kick and Go Website for more videos and a dealer near you.

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