quinnyBuzzCarryCotLarge.jpgEvery once in a while I have the opportunity to test an item that makes my neighbors go green with envy.
The Quinny Buzz, in Sulpher (a bright lime green combo) was just that item.
For starters there is the look of the stroller. Pushing a Quinny stroller gives you that smug self satisfaction that you are not on the buggy bandwagon. You’re a trendsetter, a leader, one step ahead of the pack. And your stroller is cooler, unique-er, less likely to get lost in the sea of upscale stroller sameness.
Ok perhaps that sounds a bit obnoxious. Feeling all high and mighty because your stroller is cooler than the Joneses. But the thing is, the Quinny has chops. It’s not just a looker. It’s a performer too. The fact that it costs a little less than the Bugaboo competition is beside the point, now isn’t it? At $499 (plus an additional $189 for the bassinet which is sold seperately) it is still a big investment and there are some of you who will think, “Well that stroller ought to unfold and stand up by itself for that price!”
Um… It does. Really. It’s the coolest thing. You unlatch it and poof! Up pops the stroller thanks to a hydraulic assisted lift. Now the doubting dads are paying attention, right? Cause I said “hydraulic”. Gotcha! Well here’s the next cool thing dads will appreciate. The seat is made out of scuba suit material. A thick cushy and comfortable neoprene that has got to be the most squishy and least itchy cloth we’ve seen on a stroller to date. I’d like a scuba seat myself! It’s easy to clean too, an extra bonus.
The push on this ride is divine – one-pinky perfect. Effortless to steer and takes the curb without so much as a hiccup. In fact the first time I bounced over one I nearly launched the stroller into orbit because I gave it that automatic shove I am so accustomed to giving and it did not need the extra encouragement. It was already on the sidewalk. I felt like the stroller was giving me a dirty look for not anticipating that. Handlebar height was adjustible, keeping both myself and my husband happy and comfortable.
Extra reasons why I loved this stroller include it’s ability to comfortably seat a 3 month old and a super-sized almost 3 yr old equally well. The seat is nice and high and there is no leg dragging for my long legged boy. This stroller is another that happily pushes right to the table with a seat high enough for al fresco dining. No sticky icky public highchairs – hooray! If you are looking for a fit with an infant carseat, the stroller pairs with the Maxi Cosi carseat, giving you a “system” for those early days. And you can also use it with the Dreami Bassinet, which I was lucky to test as well.
I love bassinet strollers and we found the bassinet to be a cozy nest for our 3 month volunteer tester. Though he did well in the seat, the bassinet provided a nice sheltered spot for him to nap. It pops on and off with ease and is a perfect mobile bed for your baby in early days. I am happy to report that like the seat, the bassinet rides nice and high. This is very important if you have had a C Section. No post partum flinching when you place your child down for a nap here. Also it is nice to know your child will not be at exhaust fume height when you stroll down the block.
I did not get to test the underseat market basket that comes with the stroller as it was not available on my test model. And if I had to find a flaw, I would say that you have to be careful not to overload the handle with heavy objects or it may tip. But to be fair, this is true of almost any stroller, and particularly those that are this lightweight and that boast high tech performance and steering.
Back to the sense of self satisfaction though. If I had to admit what I liked most about this stroller, I’d have to get all shallow on you and say that I love how cool it looks. Rubberneck inducing, and while pushing I heard endless comments to the effect of “What’s that?! ” and “Awesome color!” and “Gotta get it! “. It’s ok for me to admit that now that I have explained the superior function, right?
Because I got pregnant so soon after trying out this stroller, my friends are all holding the stroller accountable. As in – “The stroller made you do it”. They are convinced. You know what? They may be right!. If I name my baby Buzz, they’ll all have a good laugh, won’t they?
Mommies with Style save $30 on your Quinny Buzz stroller order when you use the code BUZZ30 at Let’s Go Strolling now through Septempter 30th.

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