cherylstroller2 So I was upstairs, putting my four month-old to bed, while my husband got ready to take my two older kids out for a run in the jogging stroller. Suddenly, he burst into the room with some awful, awful news.

No, it wasn’t the kids. They were fine. It was my baby stroller. It met its very untimely and inconvenient demise when it was snapped in two by our closing garage door (yes, we’re checking the sensors!).

I was incredibly lucky to get the chance to test the Quinny Buzz4.

The box arrived when my husband was out of town. I am mechanically impaired, but I had no problem assembling the stroller myself. All I really had to do was pop on the wheels and slip on the under-carriage basket and we were ready to roll.

My son does not like to sit in his carseat. So strolling him around the neighborhood was out of the question. But he absolutely adores riding in the Quinny Buzz’s super-comfy stroller seat. The cushy seat can be placed in a forward or rear-facing position, and can be tilted or set upright. It also has a footrest that can adjust with your growing child.

I love that the pushbar can be easily raised, which is great for someone like me who is 5-foot-8 and is tired of having to hunch over shorter strollers. I also appreciate the front swivel wheels (they can be locked). Taking the boy for a walk is a breeze, as I can easily navigate all dips, curbs and uneven pavement.

Folding it took some practice, as you have to press both levers and push to get it down. Unfolding, however, is a dream. You simply press a lever and it opens on its own. I can also easily lift it into the back of my SUV. And it folds completely flat.

cherylstroller The Quinny Buzz4 comes with adapters for the Maxi Cosi child car seat (the seat is sold separately) a bug net, rain shield, shopping basket and sun canopy. It also came with a replacement seat cushion that can accommodate a bigger toddler (the seat holds up to 50 pounds).

What’s also really fun is hearing all the comments I get whenever I take my stroller out. It comes in fun colors, and mine is a bright strawberry red. It just looks cool. With the Quinny Buzz4, looks aren’t everything – they’re just the icing on the cake.

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