I recently asked my kids what their favorite holiday gift was. They were showered with presents this year, some great and some, frankly, crap. I expected them to wax poetic about their Littlest Pet Shop snails, or the makeup kits that some sneaky and diabolical (and desperate to be popular) aunt always sends.
But no. This year’s gotta have it item really was crappier than that. And I mean that in the literal sense.
Because this year’s holiday fave, I kid you not, was a plush set of characters from Sweden called Pee and Poo.
IMG_1648.jpg Strictly speaking, Pee and Poo were not holiday gifts for my children. They were items that I was to look over for a review. But since they arrived so close to the holidays and since I am so cheap, I told them that if they wanted to keep them, they counted as at least one night of Hanukah.
For the record, Pee and Poo are the brainchild of artist Emma Megitt. They are soft and squishy and delightfully odor free. And far easier to clean and more appealling than the real deal. What makes them so appealing? Well, honestly I do not know. My husband was positively repulsed by the whole notion. He’s a lot more anal than me (clearly – and sorry honey!). Poop humor has always been a constant in my familial clan. We’ve never been big on taboos.
I think, however, that the de-mystification and de-criminalization of bodily by-products, is ultimately a noble act. If you are potty training a toddler, as we are, these characters are a fun addition to the bookshelf, already laden with promising tomes such as “Everyone Poops” and “The Gas we Pass”. Ever notice how it is rarely Americans who roll up their sleeves and take on these indelicate subjects?
Taking a note from the less inhibited foreigners I feel hopeful that my son is going to be less hung up about his bodily functions if we indulge in some Pee and Poo character underwear and a soft friendly Poo to clutch as he sits upon the musical-throne-with-real-flushing-sounds and attached paper roll holder. That is, of course, if we can get his sisters to give up the Poo. It is currently dressed in a bonnet and sleeping peacefully on the dog’s bed. I have pictures if you don’t believe me. Side note: even the dog loves the Poo.
Ok enough juvenile snickering. You know you want this. If nothing else, it is the best gag gift for new parents. Because there’s going to be a lot of this in their very near future. Order your adorable Pee and Poo Products here and don’t forget to check out the Pee and Poo memory game which my girls have so very conveniently bookmarked on my pc.

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