Last year there had been discussion in the news about bibs containing lead and PVC, and we all know how dangerous these can be for our children. So when I heard about Just Buzzin’ By’s line of PVC-free infant and toddler meal accessories, I became very interested in finding out more.
bib.JPGJust Buzzin’ By offers an awesome line of splat mats, bibs and placemats that are PVC-free, phthalate-free, lead-free and environmentally-friendly. They are made from non-toxic laminated designer fabrics that are hip and beautiful. Their mealtime accessories are wipeable, and the bibs and placemats are machine-washable as well. The splat mats are hand-washable.
I hate cleaning my son’s bib. I usually shake the bib upside down to get out all of the crumbs and then I clean it by running it under the faucet, where the pocket fills up with soapy water to clean it. Well not anymore!!! I LOVE the reversible bibs! My FAVORITE feature is the unique snap-pocket, which catches the food that is constantly falling out of my son’s hands (when he misses his mouth) and unsnaps for the removal of crumbs and for easy cleaning. No more food bits stuck inside the bib pocket! I have never seen a bib so functional and hip! It is generously sized to fit tots of all sizes and don’t forget it’s machine-washable!
placemat1.jpgThe placemats are 15” x 17” which makes them a perfect size to protect surfaces at home or on the road. The mats also fold up neatly for storage and transport. They are flexible and durable so they won’t crack or split when folded over and over again. Like all products Just Buzzin’ By carries, the placemats are non-toxic and free from PVC, phthalate and lead so that food can be eaten right off the placemat without worry.
splatmats.jpgThe multi-functional splat mats are perfect for under high chairs and tables to catch those unwanted spills and messes. It saves our carpet every time! Generously sized at 36″ x 44″, the splat mats are made with their unique non-toxic laminated fabric top and sturdy oilcloth bottom to prevent sliding around on floors. Another great use for the splat mats are for art projects which protect tables and floors from paint, markers, clay, etc. They are totally portable and lightweight and can even be used outdoors as a sit-upon (no more grass stains!). They can even be placed in car trunks to protect from dirt, sand, pet hair, etc. Perfect when I buy plants to keep the dirt from getting in my trunk! With a multitude of uses, Just Buzzin’ By’s splat mats are a must-have!
For every product they sell, a donation is made to various children’s charities. The company strongly believes in giving back to those less fortunate, specifically children.
Free of PVC, phthalates and lead, the bibs, placemats and splat mats keep meal time messes safe and to a minimum. With over 20 prints ranging from classic, retro, modern, vintage and edgy there is sure to be a print that you will love!
Currently, the site is taking orders via phone (949.916.9871) or email. In a week, you will be able to purchase online directly through their website. Mention or use the code MWS20 to save 20% off of your order!

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