HSM2.JPGWhat time is it? It’s time for the release of the much anticipated High School Musical 2: Extended Edition. The entire gang is back and full of infectious music, high energy dancing and an exuberant young cast that created worldwide High School Musical mania and brings back Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay and the entire Wildcat gang in another spectacular musical experience!
High School Musical 2: Extended Edition is packed with bonus material including music videos, sing-alongs, karaoke, bloopers and behind the scenes footage! Fans of the movie will want to watch again and again as the gang from East High takes the stage at the local country club summer talent show! Drama queen Sharpay is at the center of intrigue once more, using her influence to get Troy a job at the club in order to make him her singing partner at the annual show. When Troy arranges jobs for Gabriella and the Wildcats too, Sharpay has to do some fancy maneuvering to keep the others off the stage. To get Troy to go along with her plan, she makes him an offer she thinks he can’t refuse: a chance at a college basketball scholarship forcing Troy to choose between his friends and his future. Purchase it today for the perfect family holiday gift!

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