abbylynnpinkTN.jpgMy daughter loves clips in her hair. The problem is that I sometimes find it difficult to find quality made accessories that are as adorable as they are functional. Not the case with our newest clips from Ladybugs N Butterflies.
isabellaroselavenderTN.jpgWhat makes these clips so great? Maybe it’s that the clips themselves have staying power in even the finest of baby and toddler hair. Maybe it’s the amazing selection. They have a clip for every occassion—from light and fun to dressy and classic. Hmmm. Maybe it’s the attention to detail. The clips are extremely well made and constructed. Most of them even have a great touch of sparkle. But you know what? I think it’s the way my daughter completely lit up once she saw them. It’s rare to find that special trinket that delights you as much as it does them, but Ladybugs N Butterlies fits that bill.
Stock up on these beauties. They’ll make terrific gifts and stocking stuffers. If you can wait that is…
Follow this link to receive 10% off your Ladybugs N Butterflies accessories. Discount expires 12/25/06. Happy Shopping!

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