I have a lot of strollers (single and doubles) and I live in an apartment where space is at a premium. I store them in my front closet, but getting them out is kind of a nightmare. However, with The StrollAway from Metrotots ($39.99)– which is a over the door storage hanger for strollers, things got a lot more organized. I can hang up the stroller I use the most (in my case, the Inglesina Zippy), so I can grab it quickly. Now, I found that most strollers, especially an umbrella stroller, will store the easiest by it’s handles. When I tested this out with my Zippy, I found that it didn’t hold so well by the handles. But when I flipped the stroller around and hooked the closing handle in the back of the stroller to the StrollAway, it fit beautifully!

I like that the StrollAway was over my door in seconds and I could easily adjust the arms to accommodateImg_2730_3
my stroller. I also found I was able to store my Radio Flyer Fold 2 Go Trike on it also.


  • Mounts securely over the door without drilling or damage
  • Spacer included to fit most doors
  • Adjustable arms to accommodate most stroller models
  • Folds flush against door when on in use

Since I use double strollers also, I asked Mary Ann Malone, the creator of The StrollAway, about hanging a double stroller. She replied, via email, that "Set at it’s widest setting it will hold a Maclaren double. I have a Joovy caboose and obviously hang mine everyday. The official weight limit is 35 lbs, and depending on the handle design, many doubles will work. Also to be considered is the depth of the closet and width of folded stroller." She also told me that they also have other versions in the design phase (wall mount and multi-stroller rack system).

If you live in an apartment or need to conserve space, you are going to love The StrollAway. I was very impressed that it worked so well and was so easy to put up.


We are giving away a StrollAway (a $39.99 value) to one Mommies With Style reader. To be entered in our StrollAway Giveaway, post a comment about how you store your stroller(s). We will pick one winner at random. Giveaway will close at the end of the day on Friday, August 8. The winners will be notified after that time.


  1. Usually in the closet!

  2. Being organized it the biggest key to being a mommy. This looks like it would work by the back door and not take up too much room

  3. In the garage or trunk of the car

  4. Lisa Fosses says

    my husband has been puting it in one of our bathtubs – yuck

  5. beth shepherd says

    Thank you for having this. I store my strollers in my storage room off of my closed in porch. They are bulky and its aggravating every time I need one I have to in there and heave and ho it out. Not much fun. If I had this I could hang a stroller in my closed in porch for easy access.

  6. We are incredibly limited on storage space so my jogging stroller replaced my regular stroller and the umbrella stroller stays in the car in case I need it. This is awesome! I would LOVE to win it!

  7. Gina Benway says

    I have a double stroller also. It is hard to store anywhere, lol. So I leave it in my hall. This would work great! Thanks

  8. I just stays in the trunk of my car and when I am leaving the kids behind for those rare chances I get I leave it in the garage.

  9. kathy pease says

    under the porch 🙂

  10. Linda Grieser says

    I have the stroller hanging in the closet in the spare bedroom

  11. We keep the snap n go in the trunk, and the big one in the foyer.

  12. in the car trunk or the garage, but this would be great

  13. It is either in the baby’s room or the foyer. It always seems to be in the way.

  14. beverly paquin says

    in the garage.

  15. Elizabeth Young says

    Why, folded up in the trunk of my car, of course.

  16. Donna Hunt says

    The stroller is in my front closet–I don’t know where else to put it. Thank you for the contest!

  17. I store them in the car so we can use them wherever we go.

  18. jffryclough says

    in a plastic bag in the cellar

  19. donna pavcik says

    i am in! ready to win. thank you very much. the end.

  20. Stacy Gamble says

    Our stroller is stored in the basement, Than lugged up the stairs when time to go somewhere.

  21. Denise B. says

    Our stroller is always in our minivan.

  22. mine is in the garage behind my car, I have to move it each time I pull out.

  23. The stroller stays in the trunk of my car.

  24. In the garage.

  25. Our is stored in the back of the 4runner all the time. It takes up too much space in our little apartment.

  26. Wow I didn’t know these existed but would LOVE it! My baby shares a room with me so it would be helpful haha! I just leave his stroller in my car

  27. we typically use our stroller on car outings so the normal storage spot is in the back of our SUV.

  28. Miranda Allen says

    in my trunk

  29. under the bed

  30. Rebecca Chavez says

    I store it anywhere I can find room.

  31. Elizabeth M. says

    Right now we just leave it in the trunk of the car.

  32. Catherine copeland says

    we have two strollers. One is stored in the trun of the car and the other is stored in the mudroom ready to go near hats, boots, mittens, etc when the weather turns

  33. Marie Noguerole says

    The Chicco stroller baby girl just grew into never has been stored, but it would be wonderful to have someplace to put it.
    Just wanted to say thank you for offering such a great giveaway.

  34. Anglelia McDonald says

    It is always in the trunk of the car. I never know when I may need it.

  35. Jennifer C says

    We currently have 4 doubles and a single (we are trying to get rid of two of the doubles, but there’s always another on the horizon.) Two are in the kids closet, two are in the basement, and one is in the back of my car. Too many strollers!

  36. We have a tool organizer in the garage.

  37. in my bedroom closet

  38. I just out into the garage (not folded), so this would be great to win!

  39. Thanks! Really amazing. Big ups!

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