Once upon a time there was a shopper. The shopper was shopping a in great worldly bazaar. All around her were toys and goodies of every size, shape and variety.
zidzidminipoofs_2.jpgThis story is a little like the old fable about the Sun and the Wind. The Wind makes a bet with the Sun that he is more powerful and can get the traveller to remove his coat. So he blows and he blows. And the intrepid traveller pulls his coat tighter. Similarly, when barraged with flashing lights, licensed characters and a battery of plastic wrap, our shopper pulls her pursestring tight, and tucks her bag under her arm. This makes the wind blow harder and the toys bleep louder. Our shellshocked traveller grows weary and discouraged.
Then along comes the Sun, which in this fable would be Zid Zid. No noise, no plastic, just good clean stellar design. The shopper stops to take a look. What’s this? A whimsical owl that guards a lost tooth? A magically painted table with comfy cushions? Silver sequined ballet slippers for dancing through the 1001 nights of childhood?The purse strings are loosened. Perhaps the shopper even considers purchasing an embroidered Zid Zid purse for herself. And oh the animals. They are her undoing. She must have them. They are toys, for sure, but just this side of art. This savvy shopper knows that these stuffed animals will never have to get kicked off the couch. They will deserve pride of place, and perhaps kick her designer pillows to the curb along with a few talking toys.
6835__dp__e(300x250).jpg If you have not checked out the wonderful products made in Morocco by American artists Julie Klear and her Moroccan born husband Moulay Essakalli , then you are missing a true ray of sunshine. It’s hard to choose a personal favorite amongst so many wonderful items, but I’m just besotted (for lack of a better word) with the animal cushions and the cool silver pouf. Then again I am besotted with all their designs which evoke a simpler life as they seamlessy blend folklore, craft and fantasy into exquisite childrens items that never need batteries and never fall out of fashion.
zidzidcushion_4.jpgAvailable at super online shops including minijake.com, designpublic.com, and oliebollen.com these items have made it cool to to be a kid again. In fact, with a few toys and accessories from Zid Zid, it will soon be us adults that will have to get all our dreadful plastic clutter out of the family room before we entertain.


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