Walking down the street with one child in a stroller and another child holding your hand or stroller isn’t always easy. Most of the time, the walking child either ends up tripping on the stroller or letting go of your hand (as you try to push your stroller with your other hand). The Tag A Long ($9.99) was invented by a mom and dad (from Philadelphia) as an easier way to stroll with their small son. It’s a brightly colored handle that hangs off your stroller for your child to hold  onto. It attaches to every brand and type of stroller and doesn’t require tools to install. It’s lead-free as well as BPA-free and meets the new CPSIA standards. It will appeal to young kids – for the independence factor.  Added bonus: You can use it on store shopping carts, tote bags, or upright carts.

With the Tag A Long, my 4 1/2 year old has a dedicated place on his sister’s stroller to hold onto, and doesn’t trip on the stroller anymore. Since he’s getting older, holding my hand just isn’t as cool anymore. He loves the bright orange color we tested and I didn’t have to keep reminding him to hold onto me or the stroller (he just automatically kept his hand on it).

Thank you to Naptime Industries for sending a product sample.


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