flippee.jpgFlippee is going to make your life so much easier, and cleaner.
Ask any mom of little boys about how she cleans the bathroom, and she will start to list the tools. There’s the toilet cleaner to be sure, but then there is also the wall cleaner, the floor cleaner, the laundering of drapes and towels (if you are foolish enough to leave any of this in firing range). The other day when my son used the bathroom at my parent’s house, someone had to accept that they were never going to finish that suduko puzzle in the basket next to the throne. That newspaper took one for the team!
In order to hone their aim, there are any number of commercial “targets” available. Or you can try the old Cheerio trick. “Pee on the Cheerio honey! Atta Boy!”.
However, you know what happens the minute the phone or the doorbell rings, or their sibling runs by the bathroom, or they see a fly? That focus is gone and you can get out all your cleaning tools. Again.
Unless you have a Flippee. This clever invention sits unobtrusively on your potty at all times and flips up when your son (or other male inhabitant of your home) uses the toilet. It’s essentially a big shield that keeps things contained to the appropriate area. The Flippee pops onto your toilet in seconds, secured by suction cups. We call ours the “Potty Transformer”. It reminds my son of his Transformer toys that flip up and down into different configurations. Hey, if calling it a Transformer means less wall scrubbing for me, that’s fine! I’m even willing to decorate the outside with stickers! Cleaning the Flippee is far easier than cleaning the whole room. We just keep some antibacterial wipes under the sink for use when needed.
You can check out a demo and order a Flippee on their company website. It’s certainly a clever and simple solution to an age old problem!

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