Wanuse.JPGThis is it! The one bag you have been waiting for. Something so amazing, you’ll wonder how you managed without it at the beach and pool! It is the most amazing, functional, hip diaper/beach/pool bag you will ever find! The Ju-Ju-Be WannaBe diaper bag has literally every feature you could possibly want in a beach/diaper bag. Where/how do I even begin to explain all of the fabulous details of this bag?
SandTrap.JPGWell, first of all, one of the most impressive features of this bag (there are many) is the discreet Sand Trap sand drain, located on the bottom of the bag. The bottom simply zips opens to let sand fall out while the mesh keeps your stuff in! So easy and neat to have the sand disappear like magic!!
Next, let me tell you more about the outside of the WannaBe. The bag has adjustable tote straps with metal hardware so you can find the perfect fit! In addition are removable and adjustable padded backpack straps in case you would rather wear it on your back and be hands free. On the front of the bag are two reading material pockets made especially for your magazines and paperbacks.
WannaBe2.jpgNow I hate when my towel takes up so much space in my bag that I don’t have room for much else! Well thanks to the Scrunchy Towel Holder, I don’t have to worry anymore. You simply slide your towel into the elastic straps located on the outside of the bag which leaves plenty of space inside for more important items that you wouldn’t WannaBe without. Talk about clever!!
Inside the WannaBe is another extraordinary feature – a cooler pocket! This large, deep snap pocket has a wipe clean lining and is heavily insulated to keep your drinks/snacks cool for hours! Talk about a cool feature!!
Wanna.JPGNext are the marvelous electronics pockets with dividers that are lined with soft material, to keep your cell phone, iPOD (headphones port included), digital camera etc. from getting scratched or bumped against each other. You can even store your sunglasses in there! There are two removable organizer clear pouches (6” x 10” and 10” x 10”) which are awesome and can be used to hold items or store wet suits! No more fumbling around in your bag for small things and I love that they can also store wet items!
Completing the bag is a key holder, 2 internal end pockets that are perfect for bottles/suntan lotions, along with 3 internal mesh storage pockets on the side of the bag. All your stuff stays in with the tuck away top center closure strap. The bag is generously sized and measures 19”w x17”h x8”d and is available in three patterns. The fabric is TEFLON protected so stains don’t stick and it’s easily wipeable!
You won’t WannaBe without this bag again even if you don’t have kids! Order it now!

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