sakura.jpg They say the best ideas are simple ones done right. And the fresh crop of slings from Sakura Bloom are right as rain! Mothers have been wearing children in slings for hundreds of years. Slings need no proof of utility – they have stood the much tougher test of time. They are comfortable, versatile and allow you to get on with your life while carrying your child, hands free, close to your heart. You can breastfeed in them, and read and send your email in them. But until recently, you could never look this good in them.
Looking through the catalog of Sakura Bloom slings is like staring at an assortment of hothouse flowers, each more lush than the last one you saw. The slings are made out of richly colored silk dupioni, in colors so saturated that you almost need extra set of senses to process their chocolate and candy colors. Can these really be a baby accessory? Are you sure? Because that silk rivals the wrap I wore to a wedding a few months back…
Now if you just thought to yourself, “Silk?!” and had the fleeting thought that this is not at all practical, hold up a sec before you click on. Because as it happens, this silk is totally durable and washable. In fact, it gets softer and nicer with each wash. The more you wear it, the nicer it feels. How crazy is that?
Or not crazy. Just simple and lovely. Like your baby, and your life, when you are able to move about freely and regain the use of two hands. I tested this sling with a small baby as well as with my 34 lb 2 year old, and found it extremely comfortable to wear with both. It was simple to adjust and just nice to be near. And forget the wrap, next wedding I go to, I may wear my sling instead. That way I can look gorgeous while keeping my son from poking the cake.
Mommies with Style live luxe and enjoy free shipping on your Sakura Bloom sling when you enter the code MWSFREE at checkout.


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