Don’t you hate when it’s a really rainy and windy day out, you have to go outside and your umbrella just isn’t cutting it to keep you dry and protected? Sometimes your umbrella even flips inside out and you are left with nothing to shield you from the elements! Well, don’t get wet anymore! Check out the fascinating nubrella.
nubrellagirl.JPGThe nubrella is not an ordinary umbrella. It not only protects you from the rain, but also from many different inclement weather elements such as wind, snow, sleet and extreme cold. It can do all of this hands free!! How amazing is that? No more struggling to maintain your umbrella in one hand and your cell phone in the other. You can text with both hands or carry a little one in both of your arms and stay dry at the same time! All you have to do is simply strap on the adjustable shoulder strap supports and walk completely hands free – even in significant winds! After all, the nubrella was tested in winds up to 50mph! The aerodynamic oval design makes it easy for the wind to flow over and around the canopy thus completely denying the possibility to invert it. Because the nubrella has extended coverage beyond what your typical umbrella can cover, you will also be completely protected from wind chill and extreme cold which means you will feel much warmer underneath the nubrella.
The nubrella is made from a state-of-the-art clear Thermoplastic Polyurethane and extremely durable rip-stop waterproof nylon and has aluminum alloy ribs. It weighs just 2.6 pounds making it very lightweight and easy to carry on your shoulder with its own carrying case when not in use. It’s so easy to open and close thanks to the “pop” spring loaded opening and closing mechanism.
nubrella1.jpgThe nubrella does not have a pole in the middle like typical umbrellas, making it simple to be in the best possible position for maximum coverage from the weather elements. Just push the button and pull the handle towards you and the nubrella will simply “pop” open. The nubrella simply rests on your shoulders and can be held with one finger. With the nubrella’s clear transparent material there is no more need to tilt your umbrella down and quickly back up to see while fighting the elements. Just walk straight away and see where you are walking all of the time.
I hate going to the bus stop with my daughter and son in the morning when the weather is windy, rainy or snowy. Since my son will no longer stand in one spot with me, I have to hold him, which is always a constant struggle especially in the bad weather. One windy, rainy day, I decided to try out my nubrella and was amazed how well it protected not only me, but my son as well as I held him in my arms. We both stayed completely dry! I had Mom’s asking all about this wonderful weather protector at the bus stop that morning.
Whether you’re walking around the windy city streets or on the sidelines at your kids soccer game in the rain, the nubrella will keep your head, face and shoulders dry and warm all day long! Just think of it as your new “must have” fashion accessory in inclement weather! To receive Free Shipping on your purchase, add the nubrella to your cart, then click on Checkout. On the next page, enter code “mommieswithstyle” in the “How did you hear about us?” box under the Other Information section. The shipping will then be refunded to you after the transaction is complete.

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