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Go Kart Racing with my boys

Every March/April it starts up on Facebook.   Mom friends start posting about camp scheduling and the “uh-oh, summer’s closing in on me and I have to get planning” posts.  I get sucked in with the same panic and most summers we’ve been what I feel is overscheduled – camps, vacations and just generally running around in the same way we do in the school year.

This year I swore I wouldn’t do it.  I would not overplan and I would leave us some time to get bored.  So for the first time ever, this summer, my kids are mostly unscheduled.  They have only had two camp days and we will have two half-day camp weeks coming up but that’s it thus far.

Why the lack of schedule this summer?

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Making memories with friends on the beach

Earlier in the spring, I was reminded by my blogging friend Danielle about something someone said at the first and only Disney Social Media Moms conference I attended: You only have 18 summers with your kids.  18 summers.  (!!!!!!!!!!) I’m already on my 10th summer with Nate.  It is going SO DANG FAST.  And that includes summers they will be home as teenagers but may not want to hang out with us!!!  When put in perspective, it seems so minimal and short.

We still have karate twice a week, and tutoring sessions but other than that, our time has been mostly together.  I am loving it.  I’ll admit we’ve been on the road a lot and have already had 3 family vacation so we have been busy.

Ask me again in a couple of weeks if I’m still happy but I hope the answer will be yes.  I want my kids to remember hanging with Mom and enjoying that although I work, I work out of the house and can take the time off in the summer to make memories with them.


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