Valcoduo.jpg I’ve been around the block a few times when it comes to double strollers. Literally. Now going onto my fourth child, I’ve owned and been frustrated with at least six or seven doubles over the years. But up until recently, I’d never tested the Valco Trimode Twin all terrain stroller.
Many parents, when adding a second (or third, or more!) child to their family ask themselves, “Do I really need a double stroller?” Obviously for parents of twins, the answer is a resounding yes! But some parents of toddlers and infants feel they can get away without a double. I am not one of these people. I like to take long walks and go on all day outings with my children. Even though my 3 year old is content to walk alongside me for a short while, he is not able to stand on a buggy board or keep up with me on a five mile hike. I need a good solid double in my stroller stable. In all my years of searching for a good double, none has impressed me as much as the Valco Runabout Trimode Twin .
The Valco Trimode Twin all terrain stroller is a posh beast, but rugged too. Like a Range Rover, it commands respect and attention and is royally outfitted. Everything about this stroller inspires confidence. The high quality fabrics, trim and finish materials give the stroller a solid feel and sharp appearance. In case you are wondering why the “trimode” name, it is because there is an add on option for a third jumper seat. We only have two slots to fill at the moment so we did not test the toddler seat. However Julia Roberts is a fan of this set-up. She recently selected the stroller in Scarlet, along with the toddler seat, to stroll with twins Hazel and Phinneas Moder and baby Henry Moder. Other celebs who push this stroller include Marcia Cross who owns the Trimode Twin in Sunrise for twins Eden and Savannah.
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The Seat
I love the generous height of the seats on all the Valco strollers I have ever tested. I have a tall son who has been difficult to fit in strollers since he turned two. He’s not fond of wearing stroller hoods as a cap. With Valco this is never an issue. He’s pictured above at age 3.5, in the 95th%ile for height and you can see he still has room to grow. The Valco Twin Trimode seats are plenty tall and roomy, and have multiple recline positions (seats recline independently of one another) that are quick, easy, and silent to achieve with a handy one touch system. The seats recline completely flat, accommodating infants. Nice to know that this is a stroller that you can use from day one until you are done with strollers. The straps on the five point harness are amply padded, and there is an extra cushion-y headrest included for your infant. The harness straps, hood and trim have reflective tape on them, for added nighttime safety/visibility.
The seats themselves are nicely padded and sport “airgo” airflow technology to keep your children cool and comfortable. Separate hoods adjust to cover each child a little, or almost completely. Flip out, visor-like sunshades give your children a little extra solar protection. Mesh parent peekaboo windows let you see what the tykes are up to in there when the hoods are extended. Should you encounter rain, rest assured the rain cover is included, athough how to attach it baffled us at first glance.Try it before you need it and refer to your manual if need be. Once you “get it”, it’s easy.
2006TwinTrimodeRunaboutRear.jpgOne of my favorite features on this stroller, are the zip off bags that are on the back of each hood. You don’t need to pack a diaper bag when you head out with this stroller. There is room for sunglasses, cell phone, keys, all your baby essentials and more in these bags. When you put the stroller in park and go explore on foot, you can just zip off the bags and take your valuables with you. As if this were not enough, there are also side panniers for items that you need to access quickly. Not to skimp on storage in any way – a super roomy basket stores all the rest of your stuff. Valco recently added a zip in the storage basket that makes it easy to access the contents even when both sides of the stroller are fully reclined.
Both seats are covered with a single removable padded bumper bar. Individual bumpers are sold separately if you would like to further customize your ride. The included bar is very easy to attach and detach and a perfect place to add on a snack tray such as the Carry You Siena. One other feature we loved about the seating, was the aluminum kick plate. It provides a place for kids feet to rest and prevents them reaching down and fiddling with the wheels – a huge safety concern and pet peeve of mine with certain other strollers. The kick plate was redesigned for the most recent model in order to be easier to clean. I was also glad to see that the seat fabrics are removable and washable. Because messes will happen!
The Frame
Rock solid is the description that comes to mind with this frame. It’s a stroller that is comfortable for almost anyone to push, as the handlebar adjusts to multiple positions. At 29 inches wide, the stroller fits through most standard 30 inch store doorways as well as the doorways in our home. My 11 year old was able to comfortably push this stroller thoughout the house, and my 6 foot tall plus husband was comfortable pushing the stroller around the neighborhood, to give you some idea. The air filled tires easily handle a variety of terrain challenges.
The steadiness of this stroller is incredibly reassuring. There is nothing wobbly or tippy about about the Valco Trimode Twin , whether it is fully loaded or not. It pushes smoothly even with 100 pounds of kiddo inside. Parents can customize the push by choosing from three wheel position settings. Choose fully fixed for jogging and snowy/icy conditions, full swivel for regular strolling and shopping, and 45 degree swivel for use with the toddler seat. The wheels, which feature rust free aluminum rims, pop off very easily when you want them to. This simplifies storage at home and in the car and allows for a more compact fold. The brake engages easily and disengages from the top as well, so you don’t have to scuff your shoes.
Valco sells an infant carseat adaptor separately if you would like to use this stroller with your infant carseat. The adaptor is universal and compatible with multiple models of carseats. Additional add on accessories include a ride on board, cup holder and matching foot muff and stroller bag.

The Fold

You should know that this stroller is not a one hand fast fold. It is not especially difficult to fold but it does require two hands and your attention, so get the kids settled into their carseats first if you are departing the mall. The fold is accomplished in two steps, both relatively simple and quick. First you undo two latches at the sides and fold the frame in half. Then you reach under the basket area to further collapse the frame in onto itself. Easy. But the size and weight of this stroller, as well as the number of moving parts in which little fingers could possibly get pinched, means that you do have to take some care. The extra minute or two is well worth the payoff of travelling with such a well outfitted stroller. With the front wheels detached this stroller easily fits in the back of most SUVs/CUVs and in most midsize car trunks.
Final Thoughts
This is a stroller that is good for neighborhood short strolls, short to medium runs/jogs, and shopping trips to the mall, but it’s even better suited to all day long hikes and all day long hauls to the beach or park. It’s comfortable enough to nap in, and roomy enough to pack a full day’s worth of snacks and supplies. At long last, our perfect Disneyland stroller!
Although this handsome stroller drew ample admiration and appreciation from the friends I showed it to, it was not super showy in a way that would make me fearful to park it unattended outside a neighborhood cafe or my older children’s elementary school for five minutes. (Note: I live in a relatively crime free area, and yet have had fancy strollers stolen! I’m pretty paranoid!).
I’m really looking forward to taking long walks with my three year old and new baby in this stroller. Now I have no excuses not to start a fitness regimen this spring!
Works from birth to kindergarten with 1-3 kids, your family probably won’t outgrow it
Top quality materials and “they thought of everything” design
Tons of storage for all day outtings
Sticker shock – this stroller is a significant investment for most families
Folds compactly for a double but still requires significant storage space
Not ideal for airline travel
Buy yours at:
Let’s Go Strolling. MWS members get 5% off your Valco Twin Trimode when you enter code MWSVAL5. Please note that this code is not applicable to the pink/blue special edition version of this stroller.
Tri-Mode Twin Open 28″W x 37″L
Handle Adjusts from 30″H to 41.5″H
Tri-Mode Twin Folded
28″W x 29″L x 18″H
Folded wheels removed 27″W x 26″L x 16″H
Seat Width 11″
Seat Depth 7″
Backrest Height
Footrest Length 14″
Height from Seat to Hood 36″
Maximum passenger weight (per seat) 45 lbs
Overall stroller weight 33 lbs


  1. Thanks for the truly detailed post on this stroller! I had been looking for more information on this particular model…it's always nice to get another mom's opinion.

  2. Hilary-mom to twin boys says

    Thanks for the detailed review of the Valco Tri-mode. I still can’t decide between this and the Baby Jogger City Elite. They are about the same price, and the Elite gets rave reviews as well, but does not accept a third toddler seat. The fold on the Elite has the famous easy Baby Jogger fold, which I love. Hmmm, wish I could find a store around here that carried the Valco so I could try it out!!

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