We’ve all been waiting, patiently to see the  all new, reinvented Nissan Quest Minivan. With all the other players in the market starting to look the same, Nissan took a breather and waited to re-introduce their minivan. It seems it was a wise decision as the new Quest definitely stands out from the competition stylistically speaking, and with some unique functionality as well. Some of the highlights I experience:

  • Ergonomic seating and lower entry/exit designed suits the entire family, even grandma. High tech foam padded seats make the journey seem shorter.
  • Cleverly split storage keeps things in their place. A platform above the rear storage well keeps your groceries from disappearing into a black hole.
  • Visibility is great with huge rearview mirrors, convo mirrors, back up cam and blind spot warning systems.
  • Dual sun/moon roofs and a high ceiling give a spacious, light and bright feeling even in the third row.
  • The entertainment system rocks with one of the largest single screens out there.
  • Intuitive, well thought out dash puts everything in your field of touch.
  • Powerful V6 delivers 253 hp & super smooth ride for total control and security while driving.
  • CUV/SUV-like styling makes you feel less like a minivan mom.

The Quest doesn’t fare as well as some of the other minivans on the market in the mileage game – it rated 18 city/24 hwy. This mileage is still better than many SUV’s however. This vehicle is lot more comfortable/practical for a family on the go than most SUVs.  Pricing starts at $27,500 and maxes out at $41,500 for the top of the line loaded model.

Thanks to Caryn Bailey of Rockin’ Mama & Elizabeth Peterson of Traded My BMW for a Minivan for impersonating my children and Ellen Seidman of Love that Max for being such an awesome test drive co-pilot!

Disclosure: Nissan kindly provided hotel accomodations & meals during the test drive experience. There was also a 25 minute pre-drive massage. I wish my current minivan came with that feature. It would make me look forward to the carpool, so much more. All opinions my own, as always.


  1. Wow, I am very interested in this! I am driving a 2001 Sienna and thought I was ready to get rid of the minivan, but now I’m wanting to see this new Quest. Very fun video, too, by the way! Love it.

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