f3008tbl6_detail “How crunchy is my kid’s school?” I find myself saying, like a comedian about to deliver a line about his wife, “So crunchy that we can’t even send our organic bunny crackers in a ziplock bag.”

Inevitably this evokes some head scratching, “What, you cannot even have organic bunny crackers at your kid’s school?”

The crackers are not the issue though. The baggie is. This year my kids school adopted a “no waste” lunch policy. This means no baggies, no saran wrap, no paper napkins… you get the picture. It’s noble but also challenging at times. Suddenly I am looking at lunchboxes and lunch gear in a whole new light! At the beginning of the year I went to Target and purchased a couple of cheap plastic containers for keeping food warm. I have to say, that though they served the main purpose, they did little to excite me. They were ugly, bulky, heavy and difficult to clean. The kids complained about how “uncool” they were. Whatever!

We all thanked our lucky stars when Thermos sent a couple of their goodlooking, stainless steel FUNtainer products for us to review. The straw cup drink container was well recieved by my middle daughter. But the item that everyone fought over was the food jar.

We all loved the shape and weight of the Thermos FUNtainer food jar. So much nicer than plastic ones we had. The FUNtainer is high quality stainless steel – really classic looking. It keeps food cold too, so it is perfect for toting a variety of lunch items. The barrel shape is not a space hog in their lunch – there’s still room for a tupperware container or two (no baggies!) with other food items.

The items we got for review were a pink and blue camoflauge. I like this better than some of the character (Hannah Montana etc) items in the line because I fully expect that these high quality food containers will outlive my kid’s adoration of specific characters and shows. I have to laugh because I still have a thermos from my own youth, and it has a character on it! I can see these products being used on into their high school years. I’d use them for myself as well. Then again, if you’ve got a kid who will only eat soup if it comes in a container with Spiderman or Hello Kitty or other licensed character on it, this may be your saving grace.

We’ll be buying more of these FUNtainers containers, so everyone has one of their own. It’s fewer baggies to pollute the environment and our food stays fresher, hot or cold. Thats a win!


  1. We love the thermos straw bottles, and sippy cups. Keeps my toddlers drinks nice and cold, and he loves pressing the button. Ours came without the straw, but a quick email to the company, and it’s on it’s way, great customer service!

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