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Am I the last person with an iPhone to get Apple TV?  It’s possible I am, and that this point is gonna be a “duh” to the rest of you Apple users.  But somehow I missed the boat on Apple TV.  Of course I knew that it was.  But I didn’t really see that I needed it.  Another technology device in my house?  No thanks.

Yah, I have a MacBook, iPhone and iPad but I also have an Xbox and Wii U connected to my tv and they stream Amazon, Netflix and YouTube and did I really need one more tech piece?

But then we went to a friends’ house over Easter weekend and I saw how awesome it was to have Apple TV if you’re already an Apple family.  Apple just integrates everything so efficiently, it’s impossible to say no to the convenience!

While we were at our friends’ house, I learned that I could literally just PUSH a button from my own iPad (not theirs) and have whatever I was watching automatically come up on the screen.  THEIR TV screen.

Your Apple TV box reads any Mac product in the room and you can automatically stream it onto your tv.  That’s any Mac product you own.  Automatically synced up and ready to go on your tv screen with just a simple set up when you first open up the Apple TV box.  Pretty awesome.

Apple TV also comes with Netflix, Amazon, iTunes (we have been using ours non-stop for free iTunes radio!) and whole slew of other apps and thinks you can access via the product like the Disney channel, HBO Go and more.

Totally worth $99 if you’re an Apple user.


  1. Another really cool feature is that all those Disney Movies that you linked digitally when you set up Disney Movies Anywhere are all available on Apple TV! Love it!!!

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