Remember how before you ever had kids you swore you’d be a really cool, really fun mom? The kind of mom who always had a game up her sleeve? And let her kids have ice cream sundaes for dinner?
Well perhaps you might have to forgo the ice cream for dinner but with Think-Ets, you can be that cool mom with a game. This infinitely entertaining little game literally fits up your sleeve or in a pocket of any purse. It’s open ended and perfect for travel, waiting rooms, or restaurants.
thinkets-green.jpg Basically, the game consists of a small pouch filled with tiny interesting trinkets. There are numerous ways to play – 10 different game instructions are included and when you have exhausted these, you can make up your own games. You can also buy additional trinket “sets”.
Some of the games suggested include memory/what’s missing games, story telling games, sequencing games. All engaging pastimes that have your kids flexing some mental muscle thinking critically and creatively. While having fun! These are appropriate for ages four and up but you should be aware that as the trinkets are tiny, they are not really for kids under 3.
However, school aged kids on up to adults, will find Think-Ets an incredibly amusing diversion that turns waiting time into fun time and turns you, into that cool mom you always knew you’d be. Kudos!
Purchase Think-Ets from the Think-a-Lot website.

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