landsendswim Someone somewhere is calling what we have going on here in Philly “Spring,” but it certainly doesn’t feel like spring temps when it’s still in the 30s around these parts.  Nonetheless, I got a little taste of summer last week when I headed down to Orlando with my family for Spring Break.

I brought my new Lands End swimsuit that I’m happy report covered up everything it needed to cover up!  I went with a tankini top in Deep Sea Deco Floral with a Regular Beach Living Mini bottom.  This time of year, my skin tone is not so flattering so it was nice to have that extra coverage on the bottom.

One of the things that Lands End really gets is how every woman has a different body shape.  No two women are alike and what looks good on me may not look good on you.  Lands End wants you to feel confident in what you wear and they have tons of information and options on their website to find the right feel and right suit for you to feel confident during the summer months!  I’m definitely down with that.

They also have this Beach Living campaign going – swim options to help you look good on the beach, the boardwalk and beyond.  I love all of the options for various pieces.  You can strip down to a bikini on the beach but accessorize and add on with a skirt and matching tank top for when you’re walking on the boardwalk.  This Swimmates option is pretty great – 4 pieces of beachwear that are versatile for sure!

Visit to see what they are showcasing for the summer months and keep an aye out for coupons as they will undoubtedly come in the upcoming spring months.


  1. Love the options on Lands’ End. Something for every figure and every fashion taste.

  2. I love my Lands’ End swimsuits. I like how they pair fashion and function well.

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