As you guys can see from the video, my niece Abbie is very excited about this one.  She’s been vlogging for me here on Mommies with Style for months now.  When we first sat down to chat about her vlogging, the first name she mentioned was YouTube star juicystar07.  I had no idea who she was talking about.  juicystar07 is Blair Fowler, and she and her sister Elle (AllthatGlitters21) do fashion/make-up/trend pieces for the teen and young twentysomething crowd.  Clearly I’m not that with it as I had no idea.

But given how much I’ve heard about them from my niece, I was in the know when a pitch and opportunity came through to interview them.  Together with Abbie, we’ll be interviewing them via phone and web cam this Friday.  I’ll be posting the video once we’re through but we’ll be talking teen and back to school fashion.  Also, They will be offering other style tips such as: finding great clothes and accessories at an affordable price and how to combine the clothes you have with a few new key items.

Do you guys have any questions?  (Or maybe your tween/teen reading over your shoulder does?)  Post them and we’ll try to ask them Friday!

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