I showed my true geek colors last summer when I ran into a Zombie from PopCap’s Plants vs. Zombies at Getting Gorgeous during my time in New York for BlogHer.  We’re huge Plants vs. Zombies fans in our house – we’ve been playing it for a few years now and it’s always a go-to for fun with the kids on our iPads and on our family desktop.

So I was all over this campaign that’s launched this Halloween season from PopCap and the American Dental Association to help “Stop Zombie Mouth,” or cavities and bad teeth from all the candy our kids will ingest!

My kids like candy – they do, but we’re truly not a huge candy family.  Every year I always end up tossing out 80% of the candy they pick up from trick or treating. (No exaggeration!)   I’ll let them have some candy but honestly?  They don’t even want more than a couple of pieces at a time.  And I really don’t need to tell you all the lack of merits in ingesting mass amounts of candy, right?

My kids would be JUST AS THRILLED to get handed a small toy or something else from our neighbors, and most of the kids I know feel the same way.  Truly.  As I’m typing this, I feel like people are going to think “yeah right.”  But honestly?  When you think about all of the candy the kids are going to receive, I’m happy to report that you can find an alternate and fun item to hand out at Halloween –  Plants vs. Zombies!

You can also download coupons to get Plants vs. Zombies FOR FREE for a limited time this holiday season!  Anyone wishing to give away PopCap’s hit Plants vs. Zombies instead of sweets for Halloween this year can download free game coupons (redeemable for the full PC/Mac edition of Plants vs. Zombies) athttp://stopzombiemouth.com.

The free codes can be redeemed at http://stopzombiemouth.com starting Oct. 30, but no later than Nov. 10. They are good for the PC or Mac version of the super-popular game, which normally sells for $19.95.

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