As long as there have been low riders, and thongs, we women have had issues.
And as mothers, our issues are even greater. Because small children delight in nothing more than throwing things to the ground for their mamas to retrieve. You’d think by now we would have learned, at the very least to bend from the knees, to do the plies we learned in dance class, not ever knowing how useful that skill would be, on into our thirties and at the whim of fashion.
But alas, no time for plies. When the baby is crying, we just don’t stop and think, we just bend over to pick up that sippy cup, that binky, that special wooby that should not be on the floor of the supermarket aisle.
The silence is deafening. You can feel the breeze as you hear the song wafting through the silent aisles like bad muzak. “I see London, I see France, I see Mrs (Insert name here)’s underpants”. Sigh.
Well, I say suffer no more. Thanks to the clever women behind Smart Ass, you no longer have to be the butt of jokes. kiss.2.jpg
You take back that beautiful booty of yours, and you pick that sippy cup up off the ground and you let the world know that you, dear are a “Domestic Diva”. Or better yet, tell the world that they can “Kiss your…”
Seriously gals, these panties are not only hysterical, they are comfy. And this is coming at you from one mama who is not necessarily the world’s #1 thong Fan. If you are looking for a sassy stocking stuffer for a sister or a friend this holiday season, search no more. Or why not spread some holiday cheer around yourself with a thong that says “Ho Ho Ho”, but in a nice way?
I’ve even got a Smart Ass “Bun in the Oven” thong tucked away for future use, should I ever need to make a shocking announcement. I figure after three kids, everyone would be laughing at such news anyway. Imagine how much harder they would laugh, if they got the news Smart Ass Style.
Mommies with Style, buy three thongs and get one free, plus free shipping when you enter the code holiday on the website.


  1. women are pigs…

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