bemajor_zany They’ve done it! Ding Dong the Witch is Dead, Game Over, Whaddya know, By George! and all that. Jujube is just brilliant. How brilliant? I’m-ditching-my-Marc-Jacobs-wallet-for -their-new-clutch, brilliant.

Seriously, my search for the perfect mom wallet is a long and epic one. So long It began in the pre-cell phone era.  That’s like ancient times, right? My needs have changed a little but the basic one has stayed the same, so lets start with the basics. My #1 wallet need is that it has to have a zip that goes all the way around. No zip? Deal’s off. I tend to shove things in my wallet in a hurry on occasion. Things that really need to stay inside. Like cash and credit cards. Shove and zip and get out the door with a screaming baby. The zip is non negotiable, and on the BeMajor, it’s even bedazzled with a cute rhinestone. 

Next I need pockets. Lots of pockets. Because we have eight different froyo franchises in our immediate area and thanks to my froyo loving brood, I am a club card member for all of them. Plus we have cards fo Albertsons, Vons, CVS, Ralphs, Costco, Disneyland, Seaworld, the Zoo, The Aquarium… well… you catch the drift. I’ve got a whole stack of cards, and they’ve got places to put them. Several places. Places that make sense, based on frequency of use. Thankfully there is a clear compartment for an ID/Driver’s license and frequent flier pocket for my most used credit cards and cash card. 

But yes, there is more. More stretchy tether for my keys. You know how you have to detach them from the bag, while you have a baby on your hip, and the baby is screaming and you have to pee and it just started to rain and you just want to get in the dang door already? Well with a longer stretchy tether you don’t have to detach them. Thats a full 30 seconds of squirming(you) and screaming (baby) in the rain that you no longer have to endure.

The wallet comes with a pen and two stretchy loops of elastic to hold your lipstick. Are you happy now? You haven’t heard the best part! There is a Cell Phone Pocket on the outside! 

This final, thoughtful touch, is what did it for me. What pushed me over the edge and made me abandon my designer leather. The outside pocket means no more frantic grabbing and unzipping and dumping out three nickels, two receipts, a bandaid and a dime from your shoved together zipped up wallet as you are scrambling to get the door unlocked, while holding a screaming baby, while doing the potty dance in the rain. Yep, you may even find youself answering on the first ring. And if you are lucky, it will be your husband on the line, and he will be opening the door for you. 

The outer pocket is generous enough to fit my iphone securely. 

The frosting on all this (with apologies to Mr  M.Jacobs) is that unlike my leather wallet, the BeMajor is antimicrobial, spill and stain resistant and the light colored interior makes it super easy to find whatever you need. 

Check the Jujube site for a retailer near you!


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