Does anyone out there have a baby who will keep a hat on? Seriously. You must come and share this bit of info on our Message Boards if you do, because I have yet to meet baby that won’t yank a hat right off when given the opportunity.
At first I actually thought *my* baby would be the one to leave a hat on. Last winter at 0-4 months, I had him wearing a hat. Well duh, he was just too young at that stage to pull it off. Because now that we’re onto winter #2 and a year old, I can’t keep a hat on him for more than 10 seconds, let alone for an entire outing. In fact, no only does he pull his own hat off, but if I’m holding him and I’m wearing a hat, he thinks it’s a game, laughs and tries to yank mine off too. (fun!)
Anyway, I think I’ve finally found a hat he can’t get off. Yay! This hat made by Oeuf stays on! We’ve already worn it out once. I thought he’d pull and get frustrated when he couldn’t get if off – but he got distracted and it stayed on. I love it because it keeps his ears and neck warm in the process.
You can find it at Arte Bebe for $39. Use coupon code MWSHOLIDAY for 15% off your order of that, or anything else on the site. Be sure to check out the reversible matching mittens.

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