We moved Wesley (my now 2! year old) into his bed several months ago. It was a slow process, and mostly because we learned what a roller he is. He started with a mattress on the floor. And 8 nights out of ten, we’d find him in the middle of the room.
After several months of rolling, we decided it was time to teach him to really stay in bed. He was asking for it, too. The novelty of the mattress on the floor had worn off, and we faced a fight getting him from his big brother’s bed to the mattress each evening. I happily took apart the bunk beds in Carson’s room and moved the top bunk into Wesley’s (which was always the plan… no matter how surprised Carson was). Of course, every bunk bed comes with side gates, and we quickly attached those to the sides. But they were hard on me as I bent over to kiss Wesley goodnight. And, as he is a roller, Wes found a way to roll to the other end of the bed, the side where the ladder would have gone had it been a top bunk, and tumble to the floor. Not only that, but his many rolls turned to hard bumps against the gates.
Conveniently, I had another option: a Snug Tuck Pillow (also known as Bed Bugz). We were on our way on a road trip the next morning, so we tossed our snug-tuck pillow in the car and off we went. We arrived at our destination with an exhausted almost 2-year-old who only wanted to sleep. Thank goodness it took just seconds to attach the Snug Tuck Pillow! The bolster, which is nearly the length of a bed, attaches to the mattress with a very strong elastic which adjusts and pulls tightly shut with the help of a buckle–similar to one on an airplane. The bolster pillow is a hard pillow–not soft like a regular pillow that kids could burrow into. When Wesley rolls into it, he safely bounces off–rather than a hard railing to bump into, he now gets a soft reminder that he can’t go further. Each morning, he can easily crawl over the pillow; there’s no longer a need for scaling the top of a bed gate and flying over.
And the best part? No rolling off the bed. The Snug Tuck Pillow firmly stayed on the bed and held our little roller on safely. Its available at SnugTuckPillow.com. Use code MWS for 15% off. Use the code on the shipping selection page.

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