Last weekend we were over at my sister-in-law’s house when something glowing in her kitchen caught my eye.  She had what looked like a bowl with glowing rocks sitting on an end table next to her kitchen table.  I asked what it was.

She told me it was a Himalayan Salt Lamp and handed me one of the rocks.  It was a big chunk of salt with a pinkish hue and it was warm.  I was immediately addicted to holding it and playing with it.

She got it at a local New Age store but told me I could get one on Amazon.  It’s a wire basket with a light bulb in the middle – the light bulb heats the salt up and in turn casts a wonderful pink-orangeish hue all around the room.  It was totally calming to look at and it’s just one of those pieces in a house like a burning candle that makes you just feel more relaxed to look at it.  Plus the heated rocks are awesome on your forehead or in your hands on a cold evening.

I immediately went home and ordered one.  It came two days later (I love Amazon Prime) and my entire family has been obsessed with it ever since.    Besides the fact that it’s completely soothing, this is what is written about the lamp’s tech specs on Amazon:

Works as an air purifier by emitting negative ions into the air and light therapy to reduce stress and increase energy

It’s only been a few days but I do really enjoy this and it’s been a definite conversation starter.  Here’s the Himalayan Salt Lamp I have that I got on Amazon – it was $39.99 with free shipping.


  1. I haven’t looked closely to see if there are differences in quality, but I have also seen these at my local Rite Aid.

  2. Yeah probably similar if not the same – my sister in law said a friend of hers got it at CVS! So funny since it’s so not a mainstream thing (but is apparently becoming one?)


  1. […] hope to actually get back to the bloggy drawing board and get caught up while I sit next to my new Himalayan Salt Lamp and absorb some negative ions.  Whatever those are (but they’re good for me and reduce […]

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