When I got the invite to attend my local Barnes & Noble this week for a bloggers night out, I was all HECK YES for a couple of reasons. Besides the fact that I adore Barnes & Noble and could seriously spend a full day in there just wandering around looking at books and gifts, this event was a mile from my house! At my local Barnes & Noble! I pretty much never get local blogging events so I was pretty excited for this one. Plus, I got to see a bunch of my bloggy girlfriends, topping it all off for a great evening.  We were getting a little preview of what’s to come with this weekend’s Discovery Weekend at Barnes & Noble.

We started the evening with an intro in the cafe and a taste of the new S’mores cookies.  They sat on the plate and I tried really hard not to eat one as I’m trying to be good lately but I finally caved and it was oh-so-worth-it:


Then, we got to take a tour of the store with the local managers and they pointed out all of the Barnes & Noble offerings this holiday session.  Barnes & Noble is so much more than books, which is something I sometimes forget.  Check out these cute Christmas blankets:


And they do a fabulous job of grouping things together by theme.  Of course I’ll be back for the Minecraft section as that’s so huge in our house:


I just love how most of the end caps are organized with top picks and by theme.  It makes it easy when you’re unsure what to get for someone.  I was snapping away with my iPhone just to give myself my own ideas for holiday selections.



If you’re on Twitter, you can also tweet with the hashtag #BNGiftTip if you are finding yourself stumped for someone on your list.  The folks at Barens & Noble are monitoring that hashtag and will respond with ideas for you if you give them some direction as to whom you are buying for.  I asked a question the other night and had a response within ten minutes.

But this weekend is their Discovery Weekend – it’s a themed weekend with activities for the kids and of course gives you a great opportunity to shop.  Click the image to search on your zip code and see what’s going on at your local Barnes & Noble.  I know that mine has some really cute activities that include kids of all ages.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 8.39.23 AM

Lastly, when you are there, don’t overlook the Bargain books tables.  I sometimes do but when I was snapping this picture, one of the manager was   standing with me and he started telling me that some of these books are just last season’s hot picks and if it’s not a time-sensitive topic you’re reading about, who cares?  Get the discount, right?!


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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