Seriously, what is the pull of Thomas & Friends? Why don’t kids fawn over Jay Jay the Jet Plane, or Toasty the Marshmallow or whatever else is today’s flavor toy of the month, the way they do over Thomas and train tables in general?
I get that it’s a great product, which I suppose is why both of my boys (and so many others I witness) go ga-ga over their train table and anything Thomas. My 20 month old is currently obsessed. We moved the train table into his room as it’s one of his favorite toys. My 4.5 year old will still play with it too so this stuff definitely ranks high on the “longevity of toys” chart for childhood, although it’s peak seems to be for the toddler to young-preschooler age.
The latest addition to our family’s train table set is the Pirate Cove Set. It’s been a huge hit. My kids are loving the hills and little hidden coves that come with this set, which includes a pirate ship (that the train runs into and through), a Skull Mountain and a Treasure Tunnel (which pops open a “treasure” when the train runs over it).
Hours of fun. It retails for $149.99 (see the coupon code below for a discount!) We have trains and train “parts” from all of the major train toy companies and the Thomas Wooden Railway ones are by far the nicest quality.
Get grandma to buy it and while she’s at it, tell her to use coupon code LCPIRATE71 to receive $50 off the cost of the set (doesn’t get better than that!) This code will expire one week from today, on July 24th, so use it now.


  1. Stephanie says

    I didn’t get Thomas at first either. But my son loves it … so I love it.
    Oh, and I had been eyeing that new pirate set but was a little reluctant to fork over that much money for it. That $50 coupon makes me feel a little better about it. Awesome, thank you!

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