Do you believe in Fairies? Remember when you did? Here’s an 8 minute preview of the latest film in the Tinkerbell series, to remind you!

Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue, coming to DVD on Sept 21, will bring you back to the time in your life when you believed in magic. It’s pure wish fulfillment in a film and utterly endearing. I had the privilege of watching this film on the Disney lot, and afterwards going behind the scenes at Disney Animation studios to learn a little bit about how the film was made from story to art to animation. We also got a sneak peek at some of the merchandise your fairy loving kiddos will certainly be clamoring for! Brace yourself for character gummies, fairyhouse dollhouses, backpacks with attached fairy tutus, and a gorgeous and a huggable heirloom quality Lizzie doll that I kind of wanted to buy for myself.

While at Disney Studios I met the team that put together the film. Their creativity and dedication were infectious. So many details about this film were touching and special and it made me love the film even more. Little details like the credits thanking all the children who contributed drawings of fairies to the movie. You may be surprised to learn that Tinkerbell has her own costume designers and that her virtual wardrobe is fussed over as much as what an Emmy nominated actress wears to the awards ceremony.

If you live in the LA area you can catch special screenings of this movie at the El Capitan Sept 3-19th

Feeling fairy inspired? Head over to Momfluential for a quick tutorial on how to Make Tinkerbell’s Fairy House.

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