tinybaubles.jpgLooking for a perfect present for a Mom-in-waiting this Mother’s Day? Or maybe you want a ring for yourself to hold the place of your suddenly too tight wedding band? Clever Mom.me Shop has the answer. A Waiting Band from Tiny Baubles.
Tiny Baubles waiting bands are the perfect solution for the oh-so-lovely time in your pregnancy when your fingers start to look and feel a little like a sausage. Personally I went through three ring sizes with each pregnancy, and would have really appreciated a ring from Tiny Baubles.
These sterling silver bands are expandable and simply elegant. There is a heartfelt message on the inside. It’s a ring that will always fit – for now, and for later. I love that it is something you can wear beyond the pregnancy (unlike the now too big rings I got during my pregnancies) because it can be made smaller. It’s a wonderful memento to cherish in the years to come.
Mommies with Style use coupon code momfluential to save 15% on this sentimental and practical ring.

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