tinyrevolutionary.gif They say our kids are the future. And that they will change the world. But the world is already changing. As are families. Theres’s a buzz happening and a message spreading. A message of love, acceptance and social responsibity. Modern parents are uniting, in a common quest to raise kids that think freely, value one another, the environment and embrace individuality. Tiny Revolutionaries!
So what’s a pint sized revolutioanary to wear in these modern times? High end comfy tees from the new Tiny Revolutionary line, of course.
What I love about the messages on all their tees is that they boil down to a single note. One of respect. Respect for others, respect for the environment, for community, and for the love of families of all shapes, sizes, genders and origins. You may not agree with the message on every single tee, and every tee might not be right for you, but you have to love the sentiment, and the spirit. And then there is the quality. Which is frankly divine. And I have some seriously high standards when it comes to tees!
We sampled “Save some Green for Me – Drive a Hybrid” and got admiring comments wherever we went in this tee. It was instantly my son’s new fave due to the uber softness and vintage drape. I’m also in love with their “Chosen Child” tees for adopted tots and their “I’ll Change the World Someday” tees.
Mommies with Style can start their own fashion revolution and spread the word about love and acceptance, while saving 15%. Simply enter the coupon code MWS01 at checkout when you place an order for one of these nifty tees.

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