I’m one of those people who carries around hand sanitizer and tracks the flu online every year.  I know, I’m one of those crazy germaphobes.  But I remember sitting in my office back when I had one of those office jobsand I’d be searching on the Web to see what level of alert my state was on.  So I was all over this campaign when I heard that Theraflu had a mobile app where you can track the flu right on your phone without even having to look anything up on your browser.

I downloaded the Theraflu WheresFlu iPhone mobile app(also available for other phones like the BlackBerry and Droid) and immediately did a check based on my zip code.  According to WheresFlu, Erie, PA is apparently on high alert for the flu, which isn’t fun for me to see as that’s in-state (although still several hours away from where I live in the Philly burbs.)  High means that over 15% off the population is affected with the flu.  That’s a big amount of people!

My town is on “moderate” alert (5% of the population being affected) which actually doesn’t surprise me given the time of year and the amount of kids we’ve been noticing out sick at school lately.

If you’re an information junkie and/or germaphobe like me, check out this FREE app.  You can get it online at Theraflu’s WheresFlu siteor on iTunes too for iPhone users.  And of course using the application has been a reminder to me to make sure my kids are washing their hands diligently and taking extra vitamins…

This is a sponsored post through the Momtrends Blogger Outreach program for WheresFlu.


  1. Yippee for those hand sanitizers. In addition to those, this Theraflu WheresFlu iPhone mobile app you describe sounds like another very effective way to build up protection against those nasty buggies floating around. Know WHERE your FLU enemy is . .literally! Well informed, well prepared: best DEFENSE as well as OFFENSE strategy
    Anything to help fight colds, flu and any kid of sickness is a good thing. This sounds much better then donning a suit of armor.

  2. Hope Stevens says

    That’s pretty cool-I will have to check it out!I am a total germophobe! While I let my 15 month-old play at the library playroom today, all I could think was GERMS!! I did wask/sanitize his hands and mine before we left!! 🙂

  3. I’m a germaphobe too. I hate the NYC subways this time of year.

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