popatot.jpeg I have an extremely active 8 month old in the house. He’s a doll baby but he’s into EVERYTHING at the moment and thus the thought of walking out the door with him causes us to pause. Because whether it’s Grandma’s house, a soccer game, or his sister’s ballet classes & holiday concerts, we’re often at a loss as to where we can put him down. He’s not so happy to just sit in a stroller and he can’t be contained on a blanket. It’s a serious issue!
We’ve even been so desperate as to cram an exer-saucer in the car before attempting dinner at my mom’s house.
And then we found Pop a Tot! I can’t wait to take it with me to my older son’s preschool thanksgiving party! I might even be able to take pictures this time.
This device is just brilliant. Folded up and in its own carrying case it looks like a regular lightweight, portable beach chair. But open her up and you’ve got a perfect spot…to pop your tot! There are toy attachment and snack cups so baby will be happy to sit/stand and play for a while.
Having the Pop a Tot on hand seriously expands our horizons. I’m thinking beach, park, and more.
Mommies With Style, before you head off to Grandma’s for the holidays, get yourself a Pop a Tot! They are on sale for $10 off with free shipping through the holidays.


  1. i have a PopATot and love it! it’s made camping and visits to Grandpa much easier and happier.

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