For so long now I’ve been one of those moms walking around with drenched feet–totally wet in the rain. Jumping puddles, I’ve learned, is only fun when you aren’t wearing canvas or leather.
Sure, I looked at rain boots. Actually, for 2 years I’ve looked at rainboots. And each year as they got cuter and more fun, I craved them a little bit more. But I still wondered: Is it worth it? Will I really use them?
So, as you may have heard, it poured yesterday. And the first part of it, my cute shoes were quickly soaked; my socks and toes were quickly freezing. As my 2 year old jumped and splashed in puddles, I got shivers and reached for tissues. Returning to my home for dry socks, I remembered my new Kamik Rain Boots. Sitting so pretty in my closet. Dry. Clean. Warm. Time to try them out.
Oh. Wow. I can’t believe I didn’t have this trend on my toes before today. Wes and I spent a while splashing and jumping in puddles together as the day continued. My feet stayed dry, my socks and toes warm and comfortable. Kamik’s rubber boots come in trendy patterns and many versatile colors. They get attention–becuase they look smart. Really. I was probably the only mom at Trader Joes with dry toes.
And they’re reasonably priced. Rainboots can be prices, but at Zappos, Kamik’s retail for under $60 (free shipping, free returns.) Totally worth the toasty toes on the next rainy day. Check out Kamik’s site for the full collection and see where else they’re available.
They only come in half sizes, definitely order a size up. This is the first time I’ve ever been a size 7–and they’re perfect. A 6 would be way small.
Another great Mother’s Day Gift, how cute to get a Mother/Daughter set? Many of the patterns for Moms are also available for little girls (available in solid colors for boys, too.)

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