Fresh vegetables at the Farmers Market in Reading Terminal, Philadelphia, PA

Did you know there was a National Eat Your Vegetables Day?  I didn’t.  Of course there’s a day for everything but this one that encourages healthy eating.  We should all make it a point to try and incorporate more vegetables into our daily lives — not just one day — but today’s a nice reminder to make that lifestyle change.

Here’s random fact – kids are more likely to eat vegetables that they have grown than those that are store bought.

I definitely think it’s true – my kids love picking things straight off the vine in our vegetable garden and eating them.  We have more variety than we’ve ever had this season thanks to two kits the kids got in their Easter Baskets from a product called Growums (basic vegetable garden kits for kids – super cute)

Here’s a more couple tips to get kids to eat veggies:

Cheese. My children are great vegetable eaters but when they’re looking skeptical, I just melt some cheese on top and they’re good to go.

Smoothies. You can always go with a nice green smoothie to trick ’em into getting some greens!  I really love for many of their smoothie recipes.  I’ve made her Classic Green Smoothie before but if you feel like your kids wouldn’t do it just with the greens, toss in a banana or some other fruit.

What tricks or tips do you have for getting your kids to eat vegetables?

Lastly, a neat little tool on Fruits & Veggies Matter from the CDC website, you can input your age, sex and amount of daily activity and it will tell you how many servings of each you should be eating every day.  According to the tool I should have two cups of fruits and 3 cups of vegetables DAILY!  Holy moly!  I definitely am not eating that much but am trying hard with our vegetable garden and first year of having joined a CSA.

So here’s to more veggie eating and a happy National Vegetable Day!


  1. Recently read an article about this. One thing kids like are wraps. Crunchy bell peppers and brocolli pieces in a tortilla with a sauce of your choice…teriyaki would be fun. Can grill them too with some cheese added.

  2. Another idea as seen on TV. Use dips like Ranch dressing.
    Also buy a vegetable plant that will be your child’s very own plant to water and nurture.
    He gets to eat his own home grown veggies!!!
    Go to a farm and let your kids select vegetables of their choice!!!

  3. good article. I LOVe love love fresh steamed broccoli. Second best is grilled asparagus in a little EVOO,. . mmm.mmmm.mmm. .nothing tastier.
    and like the idea of child’s own garden- what fun!!. . NOW. . what about national Chocolate day. . waiting for that one.. . .

  4. Oh I’m sure there’s probably a National Chocolate Day Mom… there’s a day for everything!

  5. Tacos with Fish sticks and coleslaw!!! As seen today on the Food Network Big Daddy’s House

  6. Beware of dressings because they can add a load of calories! I used dips to mask the vegetable taste and it didn’t help as much. Help your children fall in live with vegetables by making a deal with them. My cousin did this with her kids and it worked! Cook a different vegetable every day and they must sample. They have to pick at least 3 faves so it’s on them. Have them help you shop for them and even cook!

    Her kids love veggies now. They felt included instead of imposed upon

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