On a recent trip, I had to accept what I was already suspecting would happen: my son has outgrown the Pack n Play. In fact, he’s been too long for it for months, but I was hoping to squeeze one more trip out of it. Which was a bad decision, as we ended up out of town with a toddler who refused to sleep in something too small for him (can you blame him?).
The next morning, we found our way to Target under the recommendation of a friend and purchased an Aerobed for Kids. I was skeptical: our son is still in a crib, how would he sleep on an Aerobed? Would he roll off and hit the floor? Would he refuse to go to sleep?
But I was pleasantly surprised – he did wonderfully. This Aerobed is made for kids – meaning, the folks at Aerobed have designed for your restless toddler. The sides of the Aerobed are raised just slightly – enough to prevent rolling out onto the floor. And it’s comfortable! (I laid on it too at times.)
We paid $79.99 for it at Target, but it’s currently on sale on Amazon for $69.99 with free shipping. It comes with the electric pump and inflates quickly, and a fitted sheet.

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