lilsugarplum necklace.jpegMy 2 ½ year old daughter has been having fun toting around her new teddy bear necklace from Lil’ Sugarplum’s newly introduced toddler necklace line. You can choose a puppy, teddy bear, or duck face made from terry and/or felt. The faces come on a 20” ball bearing chain. The face is large enough for Mia to grasp nicely in her hand, which she definitely likes to do. It is a very casual, fun, playtime necklace. Each necklace retails for $12.
If you spend $50 at Lil’ Sugarplum between now and June 30th, you will get two free $8 clips of your choice as well as free shipping ($20 value). Leave clips in the notes field at check out.

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