casio.bmpWhat could be worse than your tot playing with your cell phone? I know you’re thinking nothing, right? I know – I let my son play with my cell phone all of the time because it occupies him for a while and I can’t stand hearing him whine for it all day long! After all, I am on my cell so often during the day that he is used to seeing it on my ear. He probably thinks it’s attached to my ear at this point! As soon as he grabs it from me, he puts it to his ear and starts babbling. While it’s the cutest thing, it usually doesn’t occupy him for that long. So then starts the throwing, chewing, stepping on, spilling on it, etc. While my old cell phone would not have stood up to his rigorous standards, my new Casio G’zOne phone can withstand virtually anything that my tot dishes out and it still survives!
Yep, you read this correctly!! He can even drop it in the toilet and it will still work! The Casio G’zOne phone is specifically designed to survive the most extreme elements, which means it is resistant to water, humidity, salt, fog, solar radiation, shock, dust, vibration, and anything an active toddler can dish out. Its rugged military-tested design makes the phone ideal for both active parents and playful toddlers. I know you’re still thinking that it cannot really survive a drop in the toilet? Well it can stay underwater up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter with the ports closed. It has all the features that I love: speakerphone, Bluetooth, camera/video, multimedia, voice commands, available navigation, messaging, and more!
Check out the G’zOne today from Verizon Wireless. Try dropping it, dunking it, shaking it and it will still keep going and going!

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