It’s no secret that I pretty much love anything that Tommee Tippee comes out with. This British brand just gets it and my 3 and 5 year old are big fans of the bibs, cups, bowls and other products they make.  A few weeks ago, we got a peek at their new breastpumps, one electric and one manual, plus their fantastic Chewthers Line for teething babies.

The Electric Single Breast Pump ($149) has four suction levels, which is super easy for a mom to control the speed and suction she wants. The soft silicone flange massages and flexes and stretches to fit. You can choose to plug it in or run it on the battery. It comes with a way to store the milk directly too — which is very smart. You can pump milk directly into Tommee Tippee’s bottles (in the 5 oz or 9 oz size) or into little storage pots (will hold up to 4 oz of milk). The little pots have storage lids (that won’t leak!). Included is a two spare valves, one 5fl oz bottle with slow flow nipple and protection lid, microwave sterilizer box, one milk protection lid, , two milk storage pots, six disposable breast pads. More bottles and milk storage pots are available for purchase.

As a mama to a teething babe, I love Tommee Tippee’s Chewthers Line. They worked with pediatric dentists to help support children’s oral development (by supporting lip seal, muscle coordination and jaw development) and helps your babe get some relief from teething. We especially love the Stage 3 Chewther Key Ring for 6 months + ($6.99). Besides providing teething relief — my baby loves playing with it!

Thank you to Tommee Tippee for providing samples for product review purposes.

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