So once you have kids, I think your definition of “embarrassing” when it comes to body functions gets redefined. Whether it’s maturity or necessity that warrants this change is up for debate, but I know in my own case, it takes a whole heck of a lot these days to really phase me when it comes to anything regarding body parts, the potty or anything coming out my kids noses.
That said, I’m not exactly a shy person – and two kids, two c-sections and dozens of doctors and whoever else later, I’ve become a little numb to the concept of modesty. It doesn’t exactly phase me to whip a tampon out in the middle of some public venue. But don’t get me wrong, it is nice to actually have a little privacy and be discreet when you are given the opportunity.
So here’s one product that allows you do that when it comes to that time of the month: TOMTotes. It’s a tiny product for tampons and pads and you’d never know what it was by looking at it. (I tested out the tampon one by asking some Moms what it was and they didn’t know.)
TOM stands for “time of the month” and they offer two products, one for tampons and one for panty liners. Cut to fit each product, they tie nicely and are so small they tuck away in the smallest of pockets inside of your bag. Use coupon code FREESHIP for free shipping on your order on the site. Orders on the site are wholesale only, but you can order by emailing Each product is $12.00 retail.

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